I am not what people think I am, it is all part of show business – Mzbel

Entertainment of Friday, 23 January 2015

Source: yfmghana.com


Sassy songstress, Mzbel was on e.TV’s The Late Nite Celebrity Show to talk about her upcoming concert on February 7 at the National Theatre.

The artiste who pulled out and boycotted the 2007 Ghana Music Awards said:

“I enjoyed the controversies as they came. But sometimes I ask if it’s me they are talking about. Because most often than not, what they say doesn’t reflect what I am as a person. I’m a very calm person and I don’t lie or exaggerate stuff. Sometimes I hear people say stuff about someone and I go like ‘wow, this person is really wild only to realize the person was talking about me in the end’. I’m not what people think I am; but I have come to understand its all part of the show business and its fine.

“I felt like giving up on the music career just once in my entire career. I was really tired with people telling lies about me. The uproar that followed anytime I performed was getting to me. It was new to people for a young girl to climb a stage in a bikini. They weren’t just comfortable a Ghanaian girl was on stage showing skin and being comfortable about her body.

“The harshest I heard was someone calling me a walking pornography, but I was also confused with what to do because when there was a show, the venue will be packed. So I was wondering if I should stop or keep going.

“The response whenever I was on stage was resounding but I walk off stage and the next day, the newspapers and other outlets will be saying hurtful things making me look like I’m an awful person.

“So one time I decided to give up and go back to TV presenting but later my manager encouraged me not to give up on the music. Before I could gather momentum and continue, I got pregnant and it slowed me down a bit.

The I Swear singer detailed her plans for her upcoming Red Concert:

“December 2014 marked exactly ten years when I came into the music industry and I’m drafting a few of my friends to help me celebrate all the hits, albums and success we have chalked thus far.

“It’s going to be the battle of the sexes where the male artistes battle it out with us the females on the bill.

“It’s happening on February 7 and would cost GHC50 and GHC70 to see VVIP, Edem and a whole lots of artistes perform.”