Why Men Cheat More Than Women

Surely, not all the guys are cheating. But some of them are more likely to get involved in an affair. 


Here are some reasons on why Nigerian guys are more likely to cheat than women:

1. He feels that he could have more

A lot of Nigerian guys believe that with money they can get any girl. When they start earning a lot of money, the desire for a side chick grows. Money can be very tempting. A guy begins to think that he could have everything he wants.

2. Flirt is in their blood

Some boys are born to flirt. Flirt is in their veins. He can be happily married with kids but still be flirting. He can do it everywhere. Sometimes everything ends with a flirt, sometimes he could go further.

3. It is their ‘revenge’

After the next scandal he could have an affair. He thinks that it is his revenge and this is she who should be blamed. Sometimes they broke up after this, but she is likely to forgive him.

4. There is a lot of girls who don’t mind

There always some girls who like them. If they lack some self-confidence and are too desperate they don’t mind having an affair. They might be trying to get your attention or to get any guy possible. Yes, you have a girlfriend and they know it, but it doesn’t matter for them.

5. Some girls want to be more than just being friends

Some of his female friends want something more than friendship. They know he is in relationships, nevertheless they dream about becoming his wife. And if they are being too nice with him an affair could happen.

6. Side chick can be more caring

Your lover knows that she has a few chances to become your real girlfriend or wife. That’s why she would do anything possible to please you. She would wash your clothes, cook your favorite dishes, and spoil you with her care. And, if he gets more attention and pampering from her, he is likely to cheat.

Of course there is no formula for cheating, but you should always remember that it is you both who should be blamed in your problems in relationship.