Kafui Danku calls for support of female movie producers

Movies of Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Source: Razz Newspaper


In recent times, the Ghanaian movie industry is experiencing a wave of Ghanaian actresses taking the control of operations behind the camera as producers and directors – a move that is causing mixed reactions from stakeholders and movie enthusiasts.

One of such actresses is the well-established Kafui Danku, who joins the likes of Yvonne Nelson, Nadia Buari, Yvonne Okoro, Luckie Lawson and Juliet Ibrahim in such endeavor.

The actress spoke to Razz Newspaper and called for support and encouragement for the female producers who are trying to invest and revive the industry.

Talking about her experience as an actress and executive producer for ABC Pictures, she confirmed that when she wanted to produce her own movies, she was discouraged by some industry players but because she had such unwavering focus on what she wanted to achieve in the movie industry, she decided not to give up or heed to such demoralizing remarks.

Kafui lamented that right from when she, together with a couple of female actresses announced their entry into producing their own movies; some producers suggested that they can’t do it. Other producers saw it as a competition, whilst others were just expecting bad results from their productions, but thankfully, they (female producers) have scaled all odds and doing great.

By the help of God, she disclosed that she has been able to advance in movie production and will be premiering a new movie on 6th March, 2014. She added that, the female actress/producers’ involvement in the film production has helped the film industry because; their involvement is helping in the production and release of English-oriented movies that are having a setback on the market in terms of frequency of releases.

Talking about the fall in sale of Ghanaian movies in the market, she stated that she’s not aware that the English-oriented movies are not selling. All she knows is that sales have generally dropped, “I am not aware that the English films are not selling; all I know is that sales have generally dropped, but it also depends on how strong a movie is, because, if for instance, I didn’t make any profit in my first movie or made losses, I’m not sure I can be able to produce my second movie,” she claimed.

Kafui who has starred in movies like; ‘A Little Affair’, ‘Heal My Heart’, ‘4play Reloaded’, ‘Shadows in the Dark’, ‘Sin of the Soul’, ‘A Reason to Kill’, ‘Tribe,’ ‘Hotel Babylon,’ ‘Foreplay Reloaded, ‘A Reason to Kill’, ‘A Little Affair’, as well as TV productions such as ‘Five Brides,’ ‘Adams Apples,’ and ‘Tenant,’ said that she has realized that for an actress to produce her own movies, there are lots of advantages as it gives the actress the chance to be cast in a more virtuous and challenging roles.

She cleared the air that she’s not shooting her own movies because she’s not getting roles as speculated in some media circles.