#Throwback (January 20, 2011): Actress Beverly Afaglo arrested

Entertainment of Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Source: GhanaWeb

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Credible information reaching peacefmonline.com indicates that popular beautiful Ghanaian screen diva Beverly Afaglo, was arrested and detained on Tuesday January 18 at the Tesano Police Station in Accra, on three counts of motor traffic offences.

The actress confirmed the unfortunate incident on Okay FM FM’s drive-time show “Ekwanso dwoo dwoo” during a rumour segment on the programme called “Akikakika”. During an interview with Abeiku Santana, host of the programme, Beverly who was driving in the company of a female friend, said she felt so embarrassed and frustrated when the police insisted on her arrest and subsequently sent her to the police station.

“I was in town and I had to pick up a friend and discuss a movie script with someone at Achimota. I was driving on an untarred road and when I was joining the main road, a police officer stopped me and said he was arresting me for bad driving and driving without using a seat belt”, she narrated. According to Beverly, the Police officers were three in number and even though one of them recognized her as a movie actress and pleaded on her behalf for the other two to Pardon her, the officer who stopped her insisted on her arrest.

She further explained that the officer then asked for her driving licence “And I told him that I was shooting a movie at the Accra Mall and I have been sent to pick-up my colleague, and that even the car I was driving was a production car. That is why I didn’t have my driving licence with me at that moment, so he should allow me to rush back, but the third officer insisted I should drive the car to the Tesano police station”.

An eyewitness on the scene told peacefmonline that Beverly exchanged words with the police officers and that was why they insisted on her arrest but the “About To Wed” actress denied ever exchanging words with the officers, when Abeiku Santana asked her.

Asked why she was driving without using a valid driver’s licence, without using a seatbelt, and driving badly as alleged by the police, Beverly said “No! Please I have a valid licence and as I said earlier the car was not mine. Normally my licence is in my wallet and I didn’t have it with me. I was driving on a rough road and I had no choice but to enter the main road through a side road. You can’t enter from anywhere because there were no traffic lights or road signs showing that you have to go left or right and, immediately I joined the road, the police said it was a dual-carriage road so that was bad driving. I never drove badly”, she explained.

Beverly drove to the Tesano Police station with her friend and made a police statement but the police told her to leave her car behind. “I said OK! If they have seized the car and are insisting that I produce my driver’s licence, I am going to Tema to bring it and then I asked whether it end there?” The Office said no, it doesn’t end there; because she has been arraigned to appear in court on Thursday January 20, 2011.

Beverly’s friend was made to sign a bail for her release, and to report in court on Thursday but the actress revealed that she made a few calls to her musician-lover Eugene Baah (Praye Honeho) of Hiplife group “Praye” fame, and some influential senior police officers in high offices who pleaded on her behalf and settled the matter amicably.