Odike arrested; threatens to sue

General News of Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Source: Daily Guide

Odike Curse

The 2012 Presidential Candidate of the United Front Party (UFP), Akwasi Addai, popularly called Odike, was yesterday arrested by operatives of the Police Criminal Investigation Department, CID headquarters.

The controversial politician, who had been playing ‘hide and seek’ with the police since June last year, was grabbed at the Afrikiko Leisure Centre in Accra in connection with alleged threats to eliminate Dr Nana Agyenim Boateng, popularly called Gyataba, Founder and Chairman of the UFP.

The Chief Executive Officer of Odike Ventures in Kumasi was arrested alongside one Kwaku Saahene, an alleged member of a group of hoodlums under the control of Odike who allegedly assaulted Gyataba in the full glare of Electoral Commission (EC) officials during a recent Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) meeting at the EC headquarters.

They were bundled into a police vehicle and sent to the CID headquarters where they were later granted bail.

Police confirmed his arrest and said it was in connection with a previous case lodged against him and ‘his boy’. When Odike was contacted for comments via telephone, he denied that he had been arrested.

He said, “Gyataba is not the chairman of our party in the first place – point of correction. It is you media people, I know you are going to write what you want. You are just calling me to make copy out of me, but I didn’t mind (sic)”.

According to Odike, the Police CID headquarters was the right place to go and source information in respect of the case and not to engage in what he described as “armchair journalism”, insisting that “otherwise, if you publish any falsehood against me without sourcing it from the police, master, I won’t take it lightly with you people.

“I have not been arrested and I want you to go to the police station and ask them before you make any publication. If you publish and said Odike’s side is this and police side is this, I don’t want it; I want the facts. If you go there and it’s not true, stop the publication because you can’t use me to sell your newspaper,” angry Odike yelled.

He further warned: “Whatever I am discussing with you I am recording it…you don’t have any audacity whatsoever to publish me in this matter. Enough is enough with your newspaper.”

Odike was emphatic that “I have decided not to take any action, but this time around I have not been arrested. Saahene was arrested, and I went there to bail him. This is the fact. I don’t want my name in your newspaper.”

He stated: “If you don’t go there and you report that Odike has been arrested, if you publish anything I will take it that you and Gyataba connived to give this credence to your newspaper to sell it and take money, and I swear Heavens, I will sue the paper.”

Odike continued: “If you publish Odike’s name I will send you straight to the court. I am recording all the conversation now.”

“I swear my mother, even if it will cost me to sell my house (sic) to go to court with this newspaper who has been saying all nasty things about me this time around, you will never go scot free.”

Odike is not new to controversy, as he had dragged the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) Chief Executive, Kojo Bonsu, and the Asokwahene to Antoa over disputed landed property.

He was subsequently fined 12 sheep by the Asantehemaa court for invoking the dreaded Antoa Nyamaa deity to deal with the two personalities when there was a ban on curses.

Odike is said to have revealed his diabolic intention to Dr Henry Herbert Lartey, Chairman and Leader of the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP), who subsequently told Gyataba of Odike’s alleged diabolic intention.

Dr Lartey had confirmed the alleged threat to DAILY GUIDE and given his statement to the police.

It was unclear whether Odike’s alleged plans to get rid of Gyataba were as a result of the standoff between the two individuals over the ownership of the comatose party.

Earlier, DSP William Sedoame of the CID headquarters had told DAILY GUIDE that a case of threat of death had been reported and referred to him for further investigation.

Gyataba, on the other hand, claimed that he had incurred the wrath of Odike because he (Odike) saw him (Gyataba) as a stumbling block to his political career.

He said he had a telephone call from Dr Lartey informing him about the plan to dispatch him to the world beyond.

“About four days ago, I had a call from Dr Lartey of the GCPP telling me that Odike has threatened me through him and that he had even gone to the extent of meeting the IGP to tell him that he (Odike) will kill me anywhere he meets me,” Gyataba claimed.

According to him, not even an advice from Dr Lartey could get Odike to change his mind, insisting “…Odike said no, he will kill me and that he has already informed some top officials of the police.”

The UFP Chairman stated that many people called to advise him to be careful with Odike.

Gyataba indicated that he could match Odike boot-for-boot, stressing, “Odike is not somebody I am afraid of; I can meet him squarely, but I respect the supremacy of the law that’s why I am in the police headquarters now.”

He alleged that Odike only wanted to be what he described as an “armchair flagbearer” and accused him of “just using the party to siphon money for himself and his family.”

Gyataba said he had formally lodged a complaint at the Osu Police Station, but the case was referred to the Police CID headquarters because of its political undertones.

Dr Henry Lartey, confirming the story, said Odike had told him that he would kill Gyataba during a meeting, adding that he had advised Odike against that action.

He contended that the essence of forming a political party was not to kill people but to offer practicable solutions to the many problems bedevilling the nation.

The economist said, “When you say you are going to kill, that is not politics; I don’t like that but since you are my friend I will tell Gyataba that this is what you have said.”