Shatta Wale: "I feel I’m a special person"

Entertainment of Monday, 19 January 2015


Bandana Shatta Wale

Made of Black ambassador Shatta Wale was on The Late Nite Celebrity Show on e.TV talking among other things about his ambassadorial deal with Guinness, Sex and his now home, Nima.

The singer revealed he had a couple of tattoos which included his new brand name and a few other philosophies he believed in.

“Yeah, I have Wale on one hand and Things and Reasons on the other – There are things and reasons why God make people like me.

“I feel I’m a special person and I feel God brought me to change the lives of people. I believe I’m a different person. I believe there’s a reason why I’m Shatta Wale.”

Answering a fan’s question on his sex life, the Wine Your Waist singer said;

“Sex is an exercise you know. But not too much of it though. Because too much of everything is bad. I’ve been dating for a while now so I’m good. But why is the person asking, is my tape out?

“I have been dating seriously for three and half years now.”

Speaking on his new found home, the KorleGono Godfather made it known of all places he had been during his hiatus, Nima was where his creator showed him the “light”.

“I represent Nima to the fullest because God really showed me the light when I moved to Nima.

“I had been to so many places before settling there. There were places I was living in rat infested rooms, but I wanted the world to see anywhere God put you, if you are serious, you can make a change and inspire others with your life.

“Nima is my first love. But Korle Gono is my home because that’s where my family come from but Nima was a blessing to me.”

The now ambassador of Guinness talking on why he is so into the Made of Black campaign explained.

“When Guinness first called and said they wanted to put me on their Made of Black campaign, they told me the whole concept, I related a lot to the story I heard and that’s one of the reasons why you see me push it so much on my social media and if I could, I will have bought the whole campaign.”