Ghanaian movie stars share tributes to dead Nigerian actor

Movies of Monday, 19 January 2015

Source: Dorcas Aba Annan | GhanaWeb

Muna Obiekwe.jpeg

Nollywood star and actor Muna Obiekwe died on Sunday, January 18 at age 36.

According to reports, Muna who lost his battle to a kidney disease, died around 4:15pm Sunday in an undisclosed hospital in Lagos, Nigeria.

Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji in a report said he was rushed to the hospital after he collapsed at home in Lagos.

The death of this great actor came as astonishing news as most people were not expecting his untimely death.

Muna, who is very handsome, is mostly seen in movies playing romantic roles and sometimes as a boy-lover which makes many people especially ladies adore him.

Ghanaian actor Van Vicker could not hold it than to share his tribute via his twitter handle with caption: “Muna my broda I had the opportunity to work with you twice in my career, you did inspire me to be at my best. RIP”, “OMG! When death strikes Nollywood or the African film industry stars ‘I Shake’ but I KNOW HE is in control. Muna my broda Rest in Peace” and “It’s confirmed Muna the Nollywood star has passed on. RIP my broda. We will miss u”.

Chirs Attoh also added this on twitter as tribute to this great actor: “We will miss you Manu, Actors live on forever through your work, until we meet again.”

Beverly Afaglo, another beautiful Ghanaian actress also poured out inspiring words to advise her colleagues in the acting career to be more conscious about the things they eat or drink since their health is also very important.

She posted a picture of handsome Muna and added this caption on Instagram: “So it’s confirmed that he’s dead. So so sad. R.I.P Muna Obiekwe…….Never met him, but undeniably he was a great actor……. I refuse to believe the articles written about his illness n his financial status n how he died. Colleagues in the industry will drink smoke n party with u n even mourn u when u’r dead n gone but won’t support u when u down. Am sure a few of his colleagues knew about his state n could have rallied to put together some money to support him because no matter how small, little drops of water……… Maybe they were waiting for it to come public so they go n donate large amounts for media to capture n write for fans to see……. They’ll sit n wait for the person to die n they’ll cry like they’re acting a movie n write poetic lines on social media and on the funeral day flaunt their range rovers n big cars to show off……Hmm, I call them Hero Worshipers. They only stick around when u are somebody or have something to offer. This is the industry we live in…….. May God change our hearts to do good n expect reward from God but not for media and fans to see. Ur good n service is not seen but does it anyway. Your reward is up there”

Ghanaian award winning actor and producer Eddy Watson also shared his tribute to Muna with his picture and caption: “Muna Obiekwe makes it easy for me to talk a little more than usual. RIP #MunaObiekwe”

Jackie Appiah also joined her colleagues on Instagram with the caption on his picture: “May your Gentle and humble soul Rest in Peace Muna Obiekwe. We will miss you greatly!”

Juliet Ibrahim, on the other hand used her tribute post to share deep condolence to the family as well as educate the public about the illness which was reported to have take the life of the great actor, Muna.

She uploaded a picture displaying the human kidney system with caption: “It’s sad we have to lose someone dear to us to kidney failure. Please educate yourselves about your kidneys and check your kidneys and livers regularly. This is a plea to all and also all entertainers out there, we are always too busy to do regular checkups on our health and we end up waiting till last minute to find out about health issues. Please please let’s take time out and visit the hospital regularly and make sure we stay healthy. Kidney failure can happen to anybody please! Prevention is better than cure.”

Many more are joining in with their tributes. May his soul rest in peace.