Dark Suburb steps out with the Awakening Concert

Entertainment of Monday, 19 January 2015

Source: Alliance Francaise

Dark Suburb

Dark Suburb, Ghana’s only Alternative Rock Band, is performing at the Awakening Concert scheduled for Saturday 7th of February at Alliance Francaise.

The concert will feature Noella Wiyaala, afro Soul singer Eli among several others.

Dark Suburb is an Alternative Rock Band caught between the worlds of the seen and the unseen; the living and the dead.

They have been invoked back to life by a priest disenchanted with the current state of the music industry. So he travels to the underworld to recruit the best singer, drummer, guitarist and pianist to form a great band for the ages.

But alas! Before the band can make a transition to the land of the living, they must be accepted by the living. The more they are loved, the more they will be revealed.

They draw their breath, their form, their strength from the vitality of the living. And so for now Dark Suburb is an apparition, their music echoing from the shadows. The more they are loved, the more they will be revealed.

Dark Suburb is barely a year old but it has already garnered a good following and generated a large amount of curiosity among music lovers in and out of Ghana, all wanting to know more about this mysterious band.

With a 5 track EP and 3 music videos racking in thousands of views, Ghana’s alternative rock band, Dark Suburb, is finally ready to step out with several concerts this year starting with The Awakening Concert.

The event will commence at 6pm and the audience will have the opportunity to purchase Dark Suburbs EP and merchandise.