Woman Beats Boyfriend With Bat After Dreaming He Was Cheating


A 28 year old woman allegedly hospitalized her 27 year old boyfriend after ‘dreaming’ that he was cheating on her. Huzlers have more:

Tanisha Keyes was arrested earlier today by Dallas police after severely beating her boyfriend Bishop Hayes with a baseball bat. Authorities asked Tanisha what led her to commit the brutal beating in which she responded “I had a dream that Bishop was cheating on me”. Although as crazy as the motive sounds, authorities speculate that Tanisha is indeed telling the truth. Tanisha told authorities she had a dream of Bishop having s*xual relations with another woman in their own bed, before she woke up and beat Bishop.

However, authorities believe Tanisha may possibly have a mental disorder. “Yeah she’s either mentally unstable or a crazy a*s b*tch” says officer Ronald Harper, “how can you nearly beat your partner to death because you dreamt of then cheating?” finished officer Harper. Tanisha will be test for mental illness while Bishop is being treated at the nearest hospital. Bishop is currently in serious condition with severe blunt force trauma. Although being in serious condition, Bishop was somehow able to speak and was asked a few questions by reporters.

When asked his opinion on Tanisha’s motives for beating him, that being he was cheating in her dream, Bishop responded “sh*t I don’t even know what to think, you gotta be a crazy b*tch to beat someone for dreaming of someone cheating… but I actually did cheat a few days ago, but there’s no way she could’ve known about that so, I’m actually glad i cheated cause now it seems like I didn’t get beat for no reason. But she still a crazy b*tch if you ask me”.