Twum Boafo descends heavily on Franklin Cudjoe

General News of Sunday, 18 January 2015


Twum Boafo

Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Free Zones Board, Kwadwo Twum-Boafo has descended heavily on Franklin Cudjoe for a comment the latter had written on his Facebook wall.

The head of IMANI Ghana, Franklin Cudjoe recently lashed out angrily at the Minister for Food and Agriculture, Fiifi Kwetey for questioning his (Franklin) academic credentials.

Franklin Cudjoe has also threatened to expose and take the Controller and Accountant General’s Department to court over an fraud in the country’s payroll system.

The IMANI Boss is also said to have written a comment on his facebook wall concerning Twum Boafo and responding to those comments on Radio Gold’s Alhaji and Alhaji, with host Suh Alhassan, Twum Boafo asked the IMANI Boss to ‘bring it on’ because “I am ready for him.

Below is exactly what Twum Boafo said concerning Franklin Cudjoe on Radio Gold (unedited)

In this country we have a democracy, thankfully. People like Kwesi Pratt sitting in this studio today fought very hard; some of them were incarcerated, some of them lost lives for the right for us to sit in this studio, for the right for us to be free citizens in this country. Unfortunately, what they fought for, also spurned the right of people like Franklin Cudjoe to talk rubbish, act indecently and spew nonsense.

So if Franklin Cudjoe wants to go to court, he should shut up and go to court. Nobody is afraid of his threats. Between him and Ace Ankomah, they can do what they want. Muakye Kuraa dodo (to wit, it is even long overdue). Go and sue the auditor general and shut up.

Suh, I am sure that some people may have seen something that Franklin Cudjoe has put on his facebook wall about me and let me read it because it is important that the public is aware of the kinds of characters running around in the name of thin tanks in this country, kinds of fraudulent characters that are running around in this country.

“Why must we stop riff roughs politics in Ghana because when high-level political officials should be working, they will instead be huddling with known degenerates, scheming to unleash lies and jokes to annoy taxpaying hard citizens. Why has the Free Zones Board not been investigated for the shady and embarrassing Sekondi Industrial estate project in which weird characters were brought to waste our time under the pretext of investing more than a billion dollars in an industrial park in Sekondi. So if you don’t even respect ordinary citizens should you go to the extent of debasing our chiefs by carrying them to the site to cut sword for a fathom project; a project that even a class six pupil could tell was a figment of per diem collecting radio copying politicians” (What Franklin Cudjoe wrote on his wall)

Suhyini so let me define who and what a degenerate is because I think it is important that we understand because some people use the word and they don’t understand what it means. A degenerate per the Oxford Dictionary is to fall below a normal or desirable level in physical, mental or moral qualities.

The Daily Post published an article on Franklin Cudjoe after he decided to insult Fiifi Kwetey and got the response from Fiifi Kwetey, I believe it was on this show and so he will get a response from me as well.

A degenerate is somebody as per the definition I just gave you is somebody who runs around saying he is an alumnus of Harvard University when all he did was to go to Harvard on a bus tour for three weeks. A degenerate is a kind of person who goes around saying he is a doctoral fellow in a university when every academic will tell you there is nothing like a doctoral fellow. If you are a fellow, you are a fellow because you have completed an academic process and for that reason the university has either retained you as an adjunct or you are teaching there or in even in certain universities you are emeritus professor then they call you a fellow.

And yet you Franklin Cudjoe has put that on your profile that is a degenerate for you. Franklin Cudjoe says that he got a scholarship; air heart foundation scholarship and upon investigation by some of the people who go on his facebook wall, they found out that the award is an award for females only who wants to take aeronautical engineering as a course. So I don’t know when Franklin Cudjoe did a sex-change operation to become a woman to get an air-heart award but that is a degenerate for you right there.

Franklin cites among his laurels an interview with the Bangkok post, Bangkok post. So right now, any time you go to a Chinese restaurant or Thai Restaurant and you eat yum yum, call yourself an alumnus of Bangkok post. Franklin Cudjoe, the degenerate. Among other lies that he has told, he said he debated the then sitting President, President Benjamin Mkapa; everybody should go and fight out in 2007, who was the President of Tanzania; it was Kikwete. That is a degenerate for you right there. Somebody who has absolutely no morals so you put lies about yourself on your wall for people to read.

Suh, when I was growing up on the advent of Think-tanks, the first think tank that I heard about was SEPA. SEPA was started by somebody who had spent time as a diplomat, as an international economist working with several institutions of repute. So that experience was he sought to use to enlighten all of us in this country. Subsequent to that there have been others, CDD and others. And even if you disagree with what they say, IEA and others, IEA was founded by Dr Charles Mensah; everybody knows where he got his PhD. He didn’t come and tell anybody he was a doctoral fellow of anywhere.

Franklin Cudjoe was working at IEA; he was sacked for insubordination and other things that I don’t want to talk about on air. But he had learned the art so he run around writing to anybody he could write to, to get funds to start that bola tank he calls IMANI; that rubbish tank, that slurry tank he calls IMANI; that tank that does nothing but thinking.

That thing he has put on his Facebook wall, we responded to it two and a half years ago. That is a degenerate right there; you already have a response. Franklin, you are a degenerate. People like Franklin Cudjoe have gotten away with this rubbish for too long. You put out a statement, the Ministry of Trade responded to you; we responded to you two and a half years ago because your credibility has been challenged, you pick it up again and put it up again yesterday; you have all seen it.

I am a public official, I am in charge of a public institution, I will not have people like Franklin Cudjoe denigrate the time that I have spent working at Ghana Free Zones Board. It will not happen.

One of the things I shy away from doing is going to sit in places and touting things that we have done at Free Zones. I want people to say it for themselves.

You talk about taxpayers; do you think government officials are not taxpayers? You are the only one who pay taxes, Franklin Cudjoe? Have you finished paying your SSNIT taxes? Have you finished paying the taxes for which you got in trouble with SSNIT? Have you paid? When you go and collect money from DANIDA and what have you, do you pay taxes on them? He should bring it because I am ready.

There are certain people in the NDC who don’t know what time is it. So when you call people like Franklin Cudjoe and work hand in gloves with them, this is the results you get.

I am daring Franklin Cudjoe to come out because I am ready for him; I have never hidden anywhere. So the places that he has been going to collect money and write favourable reports about them, I have known all of them and nobody can also say that I run around claiming to be a master of any subject. Master of Economic, this that and when you are found out you get and say you got a surprising E. Surprising E which boxer is that? I am ready for you so come out. You call me a degenerate?