The Entire HKN Crew Hit Gym To Do Some Workout I Photo


Well, it’s clear that they’ve realized that all the money, food and lavish living has made that seem like Sugar-daddies from Abuja. The pot-bellies and awkward shape.

Some of you might have heard that in 2014, HKN boss and star artiste, Davido, in an interview made it known that the new year will be for serious business not minding all the enjoyment that heralded 2014.

He said,  ‘In 2014 we all had fun, my artistes relaxed, we traveled and enjoyed ourselves but in 2015, it’s serious business.’

To confirm his words, the HKN label has enlisted the services of celebrity fitness trainer, Seun Fadina, founder/CEO OF Burnout Fitness Service and creator of Total Burnout 360, to make sure all the fat members of the HKN team keep fit and get in shape for the task ahead.

Starting with Adewale Adeleke, popularly known as Chairman, as well as other members of the team, like B-red, Shina Rambo and others, the HKN gang is taking the issue of fitness very seriously.