Multi-national military action needed to fight Boko Haram – Mahama

General News of Saturday, 17 January 2015


John Dramani Mahama France

The Chairman of the ECOWAS Heads of States and Governments, John Dramani Mahama, is proposing a multi-national military action against Islamist terror group, Boko Haram.

According to John Mahama- the President of Ghana- the killings of innocent lives is unacceptable, adding that, “this has to end, we have to make this terror end.”

“Everyday we get news of more attacks and more deaths. Most recently, dozens kidnapped, thousands reportedly killed, even more relegated to homelessness, children and women being used as suicide bombers, this has to end…”

“We are increasingly getting to the point where probably a regional or a multinational force is getting into consideration, but like I said, it’s what we want to discuss at the AU. If that must happen there must be a mandate that is given by the African Union that allows such a force to operate and that is why we are calling for the session on terrorism and how to deal with it at the 24th AU Summit coming up next week.”

So far, over 10,000 lives have been lost with several other hundreds kidnapped. The group has terrorized the lives of many Nigerians and has spread gradually into Cameroon.

President Mahama said, “I am requesting that in the light of this, we have to redefine our protocol. These are extraordinary times that call for measures that are equally as extraordinary. I am through the President of ECOWAS requesting a special session at the upcoming 24th African Union Summit in order to discuss and plan not as a separate sub-regions but one united continent, the way forward in our collective fight against terrorism.”

The 24th AU Summit would come off in Addis Ababa.