#BringBackOurEX, Another Typical Nii Commey’s Comicality This Val’s Day at Grace Chapel International

Movies of Saturday, 17 January 2015

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Bring BACK OurEx

Mention Nii Commey, and Romantic Nonsense, You May Kiss the Corpse and Je M’appelle Romance easily come to mind.  Known for his witty plays, the Writer and Director of several other plays like Sweetdreams and Nightmares has consistently brought unimaginable smiles and laughter on the faces of the thousands of his patrons who always come to watch his plays.

Nii Commey has turned the tides of the entertainment industry with a completely different style through drama. So as the 2015 edition of Valentine’s Day approaches he is also working around the clock with his outfit Novelty Initiative ready to plop the seats of his thousands of patrons with another typical stage play, BRING BACK OUR EX. It’s no doubt! Ribs will be cracked; toes will be stepped; knees will be slapped and relationships will discussed in a highly hilarious fashion

 Known for his controversially hilarious titles, Nii Commey has written and directed some of the finest stage plays that pass for the current generation and generations yet unborn; sometimes it looks like he is operating in the prophetic with his pen; at other times; he takes on the role as a social commentator; then he wears the full amour of an apostolic politician.

His play You May Kiss The Corpse and Anticlockwise are classical examples of addressing issues that have nothing to do with romance, love and sex.

BRING BACK OUR EX creates a graphical image of a typical government hospital with a typical nurse, in the minds of the audience. That uncomfortable moment when an emergency comes to a typical hospital and the nurse is now searching the patient’s pocket if he could find a pen.

The double edge plot of the play also deals with the dents of regrets and remorse.

The story

Its 11: 30am in one of the government hospitals in Ghana. There is an emergency case that has been ambulanced to the Out Patients Department. The patient is in a critical condition but the place is very empty, except for a young man who introduces himself as Nurse Adowa.  It seems the situation is so critical and needs an emergency treatment.

That is according to Sapele, the family friend who brings the patient in critical condition. In an attempt to treat him after wasting all the years on earth, Nurse Adowa discovers the patient as a very popular Contractor, Mr. Mensah. It looks clearly that there has been an unsettled bitterness between them, running over 7 years. Could it be over a woman or over money? How does the nurse respond?

What exactly is wrong with Mr. Mensah? Is it medical, emotional or spiritual? He spends every single minute calling on the angels of God to come take him to heaven because he is suffering on earth.

The story becomes thickened as startling revelations begin to sneak their ugly heads out. The full story will unravel the rationale behind Mr. Mensah’s sickness


 You may not know what you have until you have lost it; sometimes when someone says let me go, let them go; in Ghana medical workers believe they do Patients a favour; must tribalism play any role in relationships; can money influence love: Religion and tribalism.

In a statement by the Creative Writer, whose signature has been A Nii Commey Handwriting, he believes that this play is timely and has everybody in mind

“ This play is for the young people; and its for the elderly. It hits on the sensitive spots on religion and tribalism; the war between the old and the young; ladies and gentlemen…the play has everybody in mind”.

 “We are staging this play in partnership with Grace Chapel International. It has over 1000 seats and very easy to locate. So I entreat all and sundry to come lets have purified entertainment this Val’s Day.” He said.

“Anytime I get ready to stage a new play, I get excited about the fact that I am going to make people happy.” He added.

 For those who have watched a typical Nii Commey’s plays will attest to the fact that he is one writer who strips society naked in a very satirical way. He is described as the witty writer, who doesn’t struggle to create humour even at the funeral grounds.

Operations Manager of Novelty Initiative, Robert Annan has promised a wonderful package for a wonderful night

“Come Saturday February, 14th all roads lead to Grace Chapel International, Kaneshie, and directly opposite Accra Academy for what is known as the official stage play for the Valentine’s Day. Early bird packages await those who purchase their tickets before January ending. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.”

For those of you who have still watched any of Nii Commey’s plays, don’t miss this one. He is a writer who has proven beyond reasonable doubts that his creative works spark spontaneous laughter and give deeper commentary and analysis in every aspect of life’s incidents.