15 Funny But Serious Questions To Ask Someone You Are Dating

9-solid-relationshipBelow you can find a bit of the questions that I asked in this very in-depth, humorous, dating interview.

1. Full Name: You have to know who you are REALLY dating! No ‘Catfish’ this way!

2. Nickname: Does he/she have a street name or another alias?

3. Age: Don’t assume you know a person’s age by their looks, because the statement is true for African Americans; Black don’t crack honey!

4. Height: If this is important for you, you may want to ask. This is very helpful for online dating.

5. Occupation: Share your career goals and dreams! You’d be amazed what you can find out.

6. Credit Score: Would you rather find out while dating or after marriage some unfortunate credit history? Surprisingly, people don’t mind sharing this info!

7. Has a restraining order ever been filed against you? This will prevent you from waiting for red flags down the road.

8. Have you ever been married? This can open up for an interesting discussion!

9.Are you currently taking any medications? I think he/she would appreciate you asking, rather than rummaging through their medicine cabinet.

10. How many “psycho” ex-girlfriends/boyfriends do you have? You may see who the real ‘psycho’ is.

11.When was the last time you had s*xual intercourse? __a few hours ago __a few days ago ___a few months ago __ a few years ago

12. Can you provide documentation that you are free of any STDs? “Don’t be sorry, be careful!”

13. How much time do you spend looking in the mirror per day? Selfies count!

14. Are you a believer? __God ___other

15. Describe your perfect first date.

Sharing this vision will open up more things you both have in common!

As uncomfortable as some of these questions may seem, keep in mind to have a sense of humor. Have fun with it. I was very nervous and worried when I asked some of these questions. Honestly, I have never thought to ask so many necessary questions when dating before. Sometimes, we as single people are guilty of just living in the moment, and finding things out as time progresses. I then reminded myself of my motto; Hang up your problems and move on to better! Therefore, you cannot go into different relationships the same way, and expect a different outcome! So get your interview voice ready and dig into these great ice breakers!

source: thewirehangerbywinnie.com