Mahama Has His Eyes Set On The Ball, NPP Can Make Noise

An age is called Dark, not because light fails to shine, but because people refuse to see it.’-James A. Michener.

Anywhere, whether on the main streets or on the cyber streets you turn to in Ghana today, there is one loud but shameless noise of one allegation against the President in the air, by agents of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

My wish for this year (2015), was among other things that the NPP, will give the President a breathing space to execute his mandate and fulfill the promises he made to the good people of this country.

My expectation was short-lived, and like most of our New Year resolutions that goes out of the window the very first week, well I have to revise my notes.

The General Secretary of the NPP, Kwabena Agyepong, who admonished members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to be mindful of their words and unsubstantiated allegations they level against opponents, as well as respect the sentiments of others, when he took his turn at the National Delegates Congress in Kumasi, the Ashanti Regional capital, to read his party’s solidarity message, fell on his own dagger by accusing the government of bloating the cost of renovation on the Kumasi international Airport.

The irritant Kennedy Agyapong, who is known and has been acclaimed for throwing tantrums at his opponent, is yet to be heard, so I thought sanity is beginning to find expression in our body politics. The likes of Kwabena Agyepong, owe a lot to this country, than also fall for the whims and naked ambition for one man, who wants to be President at all cost.

What at all is with Nana Addo that anytime anybody gets close to him, the person losses himself and stop behaving and talking like a kid, whose candies has been taken away? The country is for all of us and it is through our collective till that the country can develop.

We can throw as much mud at the President, as our hands and mouths can muster, but the President is not superhuman, he cannot in two years, with a magic wand wish all our problems away. He is trying his possible best to correct all the things that were done wrong in the past and which we all hailed, because as a people, we like immediate gratifications, instead of thinking of the future.

He has his eyes set on the future, he will not be cowed into repeating the mistakes of his predecessors, because of the unbridled ambition of Nana Addo and the NPP.

A story making the rounds and attributed to Nana Addo, headlined “NDC’s Ineffiencies & Graft, Bane Of Hardships Ghanaians Are Experiencing Now – Nana Addo” and attributed to with additional files from GNA, this was a speech read on his behalf by Madam Elizabeth Agyeman, Chairperson of Ashanti MPs.

It said that “Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has attributed the extreme hardships being experienced by Ghanaians to the Mahama-led NDC administrations’ inefficiencies and unbridled acts of graft on the part of government officials.

“To him, the current socio-economic mess Ghanaians find themselves in should be blamed on ineffective leadership and mismanagement.

“He has thus called on all, especially the media, to let their voices be heard and to up the fight against massive corruption in the country.

“The NPP Flagbearer wants the media to support and collaborate with the party to wage relentless war on the rot and maladministration of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC)”.

These are all nice things coming from an opposition leader, who was six years ago in government and failed to transform this country in the eight-years-rule of President John Agyekum Kukfuor.

The NPP are the funniest breed of politicians, who are not able to see beyond their noses, for which reason they think that they are the best thing to ever happen to this country.

When President Kufuor appeared before Parliament to deliver his last State of the Nation Address, in given the account of his stewardship, he recounted what he was able to do as Head of State, of course he gave himself a distinction, which Ghanaians disagreed with, he said something very instrumental and which he attributed to his inability to deliver on all his promises or meet the expectations of Ghanaians, and i.e., the four year was so short for anybody to achieve anything meaningful, he proposed that it should be made five years.

It is clear to me now that politicians only care about themselves; power to them is all that matters to them, whether they have the capacity to govern or not.

In two years, Nana Addo and his rag tag supporters expect President Mahama, to accomplish what President Kufuor, could not in eight years, for which reason he suggested that a year, should be added to the four that was insufficient, in his estimation.

Did Nana Addo, who was a Cabinet Minister, in the era of President John Kufuor, agree or disagree with President that four years is not enough for any meaningful development. We are always quick to point to the Asian Tigers for reference, in terms of the fact that we all started together, what we do not consider is that these
Asian Tigers, were not built by the kind of democratic dispensation, we are practicing.

They have had Presidents or governments, stay in power for twenty more than two decades.

All the NPP knows and thrives on is lies, yet we all profess to different faith and we are quick to hit our chests and claim to be Christians or Muslims.
Nana Addo, has seen the inside of all the major Churches you can count in this country, he even to Israel or in an attempt to win the Presidency and tell the whole world that, he is not only a Christian, but a practicing Christian.

The question I ask is, How can a president candidate of a country, who claims to be a Christian be gallivanting from one church to the other like those that Jesus called Pharisees, making political statements without giving a damn to the sensibility of others.