Kisa Runs From FIPAG Fight

Actress Kisa Gbekle has declined all efforts to get her involved in the ongoing scuffle among members of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) over Ghana Movie Awards.

Her reason was that ‘the cockroach has no business in the meeting of hens.’

Hence, she would rather be in her corner and talk about issues affecting actors/actresses.

All eyes are currently on FIPAG in anticipation that it would sanction some of its members who went against the association’s directive to members not to take part in the 2014 Ghana Movie Awards.

The association’s leadership was heard in the media sometime last year advising its members to boycott the 2014 Ghana Movie Awards ceremony on the grounds that the awards organisers ‘didn’t treat them well.’

But top producers Abdul Salam Mumuni, Hajia Hawa Meizongo and some others flouted the directive and submitted their movies, with Hajia’s movie even winning Best Picture at the ceremony.

Meanwhile Salam’s camp has said it did not receive any official correspondence to stay away from the movie awards.

But some industry observers think the development has undermined FIPAG’s authority over its general members and that it will even get worse if it can’t sanction the members who flouted the directive.

NEWS-ONE asked the beautiful and controversial actress what she thought about the directive by FIPAG and also if it was fair since other technical crew members stood a chance of benefiting if the movies they worked on were submitted for the awards ceremony.

‘I don’t have an opinion on this.
Leave me alone on this FIPAG and Salam issues. I don’t want to have problems with anybody.

‘I don’t want anybody to hold grudge with me. Producers and Ghana Movie Awards organisers should sit and see how best they can make things up.

That’s all I can say,’ she said.
‘Also it’s a good thing we live in peace and everyone will benefit in this industry. After all if movies are submitted it benefits us actors too. That’s how we get appreciated,’ she added.

By Francis Addo
(Twitter: @fdee50 Email: [email protected])

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