I want to lead the youth – Jay Foley

Entertainment of Friday, 16 January 2015

Source: yfmghana.com

Jay Foley Marries3

From humble beginnings, this young man has risen through the ranks of life with his recent engagement to Josie as well as career, from a sound engineer understudying Hammer of the Last 2 through establishing his own company T.R.A.P. to the mighty 2131 Empire and currently, one of Africa’s gifted radio and TV personalities making him the General Manager of YFM Ghana.

Jay Foley’s life has been threaded around the youth. The platforms he works on are all youth related and lots of young people see him as a role model.

His brilliant entrepreneurial skill has set a mark and is a great inspiration to many young people.

Jay Foley has made it clear that he has always wanted to be vigorously involved in all kinds of positive youthful activities, whether church or entertainment related.

This young man has opened doors to engage young people in all manner of motivationally driven platforms.

Most people’s perception of this man is that of a fighter and never quits.

He has undoubtedly set himself as a tool for individuals and companies to reach masses of youth either gainfully employed or in school.

In a recent interview, Jay Foley mentioned his intentions of establishing fan clubs on all campuses and to whip the can-do spirit into each and everyone in these school.

His intentions and path as at now are very clear. We see him speaking the language the youth understand best.

Kudos to Jay and his team for all the work in him as a brand.