Emile Short Lied; He Ordered The Residential Renovation—CHRAJ Boss Fumes

Ms Lauretta Vivian Lamptey is accusing Emile Short, a former Commissioner for the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) of lying to Ghanaians on the accommodation brouhaha.

Ms Lamptey, who is the current Commissioner for CHRAJ, has been widely condemned for spending about GH¢180,000 on renovating her official residence and spending another $180,000 on rent at the AU Village. Commenting on the matter when it was first reported in 2014, Emile Short confessed that the bungalow before he left the premise was in good condition. “When I entered the building in 1999 it was a newly constructed building.

I left in 2010. If there were any renovations to be done that would have have been painting and things like that,” he stated in an interview with Citi News. But speaking on the Citi Breakfast Show on Friday, Ms Lamptey insisted that the renovation of the bungalow was commissioned by Emile Short in 2010, a year before she assumed office.

She said it is unfortunate that Emile Short knowing very well that he “commissioned the renovation,” would make such comments. She criticized Emile Short, saying “he chose not to say it; he allowed the public to go on for the past four months thinking I commissioned the renovation and [at] no point did he say no, it was during my time.”

“He allowed the public to go on believing that the policy of renting in the open market begun with me. It was a policy that started during his tenure,” she argued. Meanwhile, the President, following investigations of complaints of misconduct filed against Ms Lamptey has suspended her.

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