Obibini Blackman Shares Joy Over His Doctorate Award With His Community In A Football Gala

The Chief Executive Officer of the Obibini Blackman Company, Mr Thomas Kofi Aboagye Dompem can now be called Dr. Thomas Kofi Aboagye Dompem, having received an honorary Doctorate Degree from Peristrofi World Honorary International Award Conference (PWHIAC).

Obibini Blackman, as popularly referred to was given the award for his “Credible and distinct leadership and accomplishment in Ghana and beyond”. That Dr. Aboagye Dompem had exhibited extraordinary leadership among his peers in his area of endeavor.

The Peristrofi World Honorary International Award Conference’s award is one of the world’s distinguished awards which have been taken to countries like Ghana, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium and Germany to honor eminent individuals who have shown exceptional leadership and have contributed immensely to the socio-economic growth of their communities, countries and the world at large.

The Obibini Blackman Company is an Alcoholic and No-alcoholic beverages firm in Ghana preparing its products from local Ghanaian plants for all manner of people around the globe.

The Company has come out with products like Brukutu Ginger Gin, Buga, Manstrong, Kanawu Dry Gin, Enkosuo Gin Bitters, Blackman Dry Gin, Blackman Brandy and Oga Coffee Liquer. Dr. Aboagye Dompem also owns Real Estate Company.

In order to share the happiness in the receipt of the award with his people, Obibini Blackman has organized a football gala for towns around Senfi, his hometown. The football gala brought together teams and supporters from Senfi, the host town, Domenase, Ofoase Kokoben, Agyamasu and Pekyi.

After serious battles between the teams, the team from Pekyi won the Obibini Blackman trophy with an additional cash of One Thousand Five Hundred Ghana Cedis, followed by the Ofoase Kokoben team which went away with One Thousand Ghana Cedis. The third place was occupied by Agyamasu with an amount of Five Hundred Ghana Cedis, whereas fourth place Domenase team had Three Hundred Ghana Cedis and Senfi, last with Two Hundred Ghana Cedis.

Speaking to the press at the gala, Dr. Aboagye Dompem expressed that he deemed it a pleasure sharing his joy over his award with the people of his root.

He cautioned the Ghanaian youth not to capitalize on politicians for initiating investments but try to start and develop businesses on their own. He bemoaned that the past and present governments have not supportive of private/individual businesses. He advised that for the youth to be successful, they ought to be proactive, humble, honest, initiative and prayerful.

Dr. Thomas Kofi Aboagye Dompem at the football gala seized the opportunity to tell the youth gathered there about how without support from anyone, had progressed to where he is in life now and urged them to strive hard for success in life.

By: S. Appau Aheng-Kumasi, Angel fm

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