‘Letter to Blakk Rasta’, Afrikana cautions him

Music of Thursday, 15 January 2015

Source: Graphic Online


Reggae musician, Afrikana, is blaming reggae presenter, Blakk Rasta, for promoting violence on his third album, Joana.

Afrikana believes Blakk Rasta is leading people away from the true teachings of Rastafari so on his new song, Letter to Blakk Rasta, he cautions the latter to be wary of his utterances.

On the song, Afrikana questions why Blakk Rasta has the penchant for attacking anyone he disagrees with on his show, Taxi Driver, on Hitz FM which he said is against the teachings of Rastafari.

He cautions him to be careful of his deeds since disrespecting religious and political leaders is against the teachings of Rastafari.

He cited example that, Blakk Rasta does not believe in the celebration of Christmas but the late Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia who had so much influence on his Rastafarian followers believed in the celebration.

Afrikana is of the opinion that, a radio presenter like Blakk Rasta should use his influence to promote peace and teach Ghanaians that Rastafari is about love and peace and not a means to disrespect the elderly in society.

Aside Letter to Blakk Rasta that Afrikana is currently promoting on his album, he has other tracks like Pick Up, In The Name Of Jay, Come On Baby and Obaa, which was recorded by Desmond Sarpong in Dansoman, Accra.

Although Afrikana is known for reggae, he shows how versatile he is on the album which has hiplife, dancehall and hip hop songs as well.

Real name, Ibrahim Baba, Afrikana recorded his first album, Root African Rastafari, in 2006 and later released his second album, In The Day of Jah in 2008.

Under the management of Chairman Entertainment, Afrikana said although much attention is not given to reggae music in Ghana, he believes it should be supported to bring about the needed change in the society.