#How to…get the best of prices in Ghanaian markets

Entertainment of Thursday, 15 January 2015

Source: GhanaWeb

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In Ghana, getting the best prices for items from food stuff to equipment and even taxi services needs a lot of skill and finesse to avoid being hassled into paying overpriced amounts.

Especially in bigger markets such as Makola, Kantamanto, Kejetia, Kaneshie among others; haggling is normal and expected from every buyer. It will be a good business day for the seller if the buyer doesn’t haggle.

Haggling is a bit uncomfortable thing to do but in a busy Ghanaian market; if you don’t haggle, it is likely you will get ripped off because vendors always state their prices up to three-times higher than what they expect to receive.

Some steps to keep in mind when haggling for best prices:

1. Have an estimated price in mind for the item or service you want before you approach the seller or server.

2. Act like you don’t really need the item or service by chit chatting on whether it is necessary or not.

3. Ask for the price.

4. Ask for the seller’s final offer on the price or a discount.

5. Express discontent with the price and offer half the price.

6. You will get a big NO from the seller, and maybe a further reduction of the initial price offered.

7. Make a comparison between an imaginary lower price offered by another imaginary seller and then express dislike for the item.

8. Either the seller will keep convincing you which means you are on track and might have the item at your price or he will retreat which means it is the best he could do for you.

9. With the convincing seller, you can begin to walk away slowly and he it’s a sure bet he will either take your price into consideration or he will reduce his further which we will advise you accept to avoid embarrassments.

10. However, with the retreating seller who does not want to engage you anymore, you should just add a quarter of the price to the half you offered to test his mood and it might work. If it doesn’t, then just consider your options of getting it elsewhere or avoiding another haggle from another buyer.

Remember that language also plays a role in pricing in Ghana so try as much as possible to speak the little local language you know than flaunting English to be sold items at extravagant prices.