Amanda Acquah Says She Was Not Referring To Asantehene In Shocking Viral Audio

Mr. Harrison Agyeman spokesperson for Amanda Acquah, the ex-wife of Ghanaian business tycoon Kennedy Agyapong (Kenpong) has disclosed in an exclusive with that Amanda was not referring to the Asantehene when she mentioned Otumfou in her viral audio.

“Amanda was not referring to the Asantehene when she mentioned Otumfuo in the said voice released on social media. It was just a co-incidence that the person she was referring to is also known as Otumfuo”.

He said there is no way they will drag a king as huge as the Asantehene into an issue like this. Harrison explained that the said viral audio was supposed to be a private voice mail Amanda sent to her ex-husband Mr. Kennedy Agyapong after they had a misunderstanding but unfortunately the voice ended up in the public domain.

“Whoever released the video thought because Otumfuo was mentioned in the voice note, it will implicate Amanda and make the Ashanti people angry but that cannot happen because it is a different Otumfuo”.

Commenting on the accession that Amanda is now denying she was not referring to Otumfuo because of the pressure coming from the Asantehene’s palace, Harrison said nobody from the Asantehene palace has contacted them on the issue, they haven’t had any pressure from them and it is not true Otumfuo is looking for Amanda as a section of the media is reporting, so there is no way they will act under pressure.

About the said Otumfuo Amanda was referring to, Harrison said he is an ex-boyfriend of Mona and Amanda mentioned him as one of the numerous men who have slept with Kenpong’s girlfriend Mona Moutrage.

This comes in the wake of a viral audio supposedly recorded by Amanda; ex-wife of Kenpong suggested that the King of the Ashanti Kingdom, Otumfuo has had some sexual escapades with a certain lady known as Mona.