Airtel Gives Hope To Visually Impaired

Michael Ahedor, a 27-year-old visually impaired, has had his educational dream renewed with a scholarship package from Airtel Ghana, under its ‘Airtel Touching Lives’ initiative.

Mr Ahedor, who lost his sight at age 13 and hope of furthering his education, would benefit from the all-expense- paid scholarship package which includes his tuition, educational materials and his basic needs.

The package would last for the entire four-year period.

Michael will be a student at the Wenchi School for the Visually Impaired studying General Arts.

Lucy Quist, Managing Director of Airtel Ghana, speaking at a short presentation ceremony held at the Airtel Head Office in Accra, said Michael’s tenacity to continue his education and grow despite finding himself in the unfortunate situation of losing his sight was what prompted the network to help him.

She said, ‘The fact that Michael, you really wanted to continue and pursue your education in life and improve your life and those around you, is why we decided to support you not just for today but on a sustainable basis.’

She said it is the belief of Airtel that supporting people through their corporate social responsibility requires sustainability and not just a one shot which is why Airtel has agreed to support Michael for the next four years through his education.

‘We know you are going to go very far to make a huge difference to yourself and family and society,’ she said.

Christophe Soulet, Chief Operating Director of the Strategic Business Unit (SUB2) Airtel Africa, announced that the most prestigious CSR programme across Africa is the ‘Airtel Touching Lives’ which is designed and produced in Ghana.

He said the spirit of making heroes and becoming independent with the support of Airtel is the underlining factor for offering Michael the scholarship to continue his education in the special school.

‘I wish you all the best and hope you grow to your full potential we will be following your growth,’ he said.

Michael Ahedor thanked the telecom operator for their support and prayed the company to go ahead and help other disadvantaged people in need.

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri

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