The Curious Case Of Zahra Buhari, Gen. Buhari’s Daughter


We are barely weeks from knowing if President Goodluck Jonathan will remain in office or a new Candidate would be sworn in. In the typical Fashion, the political parties participating are uprooting misdemeanor to advantage. It’s not unusual. In the United States, the Republican Party, who are almost in the control of the Congress, chiefly oppose any idea brought on by Democratic President, Barack Obama.

 Muhammadu Buhari and Goodluck Jonathan

Muhammadu Buhari and Goodluck Jonathan

However in Nigeria, its done in a boorish manner: Sometimes out of sarcasm; most times utter ludicrousness.

And the it was again in full glare when The South West zonal coordinator of President Goodluck Campaign Organisation, Olusegun Mimiko, on Monday, suggested that the Presidential Candidate for the All Progressive Party (APC) Muhammadu Buhari, is not fit to rule Nigeria because he is unable to operate an electronic Computer.

Governor Olusegun Mimiko (Middle)

Governor Olusegun Mimiko (Middle)

As ridiculous as it might have sounded, some Nigerians did buy into his hypothetical assertion. And frankly, these lots would completely agree with any deceleration if it satisfies the notion that Buhari is incapable to rule Nigeria.

Some other suggested notions they would acclimatize to in seconds:

A) Buhari doesn’t pray before Lunch

B) Buhari has a clone

C) Buhari can’t spell his name

But if Mimiko’s infamous rant won some ignorant fans, its turning out to be a case of ‘Two can play that game’, well, unknowingly.

Zahra Buhari, the daughter of Presidential aspirant, Mohammed Buhari, has stormed into the limelight at the just perfect time.

Not Kim Kardashian!! Meet Zahra Buhari

Not Kim Kardashian!! Meet Zahra Buhari


It all began when popular Nigerian blogger Lindaikeji reported a revealing story about Zahra; that contained effulgent photos of the youngster. It took only a matter of time for curious admirers to storm social networks in search for an unpopular face. As you would expect, the rummage was fruitful, and no sooner did the news of her presence on twitter as @Zahra3_ spread like wildfire.

Zahra and her Mother, Aisha

Zahra and her Mother, Aisha

Subsequently she began receiving tweets from unknown Male twitter accounts, pledging support for her father, come February 2015. It got out of control and she soon began to trend.

Some of the bizarre conversations are below:


“January 13, 2015 Buhari gon islamize the country but Zahra will be on the news everyday ba? Kaji kwo. Sharia isn’t that bad tho we go manage. — k’obi (@Mhagayr)”

“January 13, 2015 Dear Zahra I can even change my surname to Buhari just to show you how much I love you already. — lordFT (@femiTRIPP)”

“So if Buhari wins and becomes President, does this 5th daughter of hs move here, to Abuja too? APC nd to communicate thr plans more clearly! — I am Baga (@AUsman03) January 13, 2015″

“5th daughter. Smart move. Now we’re interested. Olivia Pope might just be Buhari’s campaign manager. — James Ndubuisi (@JamesNdu) January 13, 2015″

“I’m voting for Buhari because of his daughter. Idc Idc. — Uche Odoh (@KingUcheOdoh) January 13, 2015″

However, there is no proof that these would garnish supporters for the APC front-man during the elections, yet it has unintentionally served as an awareness strategy, and the Party members would most certainly smack their lips in delight for an unexpected post- New Year gift.

Written by @Femi4arsenal