Shocking: Tema Motorway streetlights, grass burnt indiscriminately

Regional News of Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Source: Ralph Wreckit

Motorway Arson3

The photos in this article were snapped just today on the Accra-Tema motorway, and they are not the result of a movie production on warfare but just what everybody driving can see.

Those things on the ground partially charred are light poles yet to see the first year of its installation. What happened? Well very simple, some extraordinary diligent people probably in charge of cleaning the safety trenches in-between the lanes after being given orders by an extra diligent manager to clear the way, took it literally, and actually burnt everything on the way, including light poles.

Well, the question is how many authorities, police, fire service personnel, highway patrols and so on, have come to meet such a fantastic job but no one has apparently done anything to prevent this or even stop it.

The people in charge of the maintenance of that property have to be questioned not on the reason why they did that, but to make sure they do not have any other contract near schools or public places to prevent them from burning buildings with its inhabitants inside.

Arson is a serious crime and I am sure everybody has near his/her house some pile of refuse burnt just to avoid paying the company in charge of refuse collection. We have all seen the result during these years.

Let’s see what you people are thinking about