Rev. Kwesi Frimpong Declares War On Demonic Spirits

The Founder of Holy Spirit Fire Chapel in Takoradi,the Rev. Kwesi Frimpong has emphasized the need for Christendom to wage a relentless war against demonic spirits.

This,the man of God noted,will restore liberty to the house of God and advance his kingdom on earth.

The Rev.Frimpong was delivering a sermon on the theme,”Expiring Date for Demonic Powers in 2015″ as part of a new year message at a church service in Takoradi.

He reminded the congregation that “it is about time Christians intensified their crusades against satanic forces which impede the progress of God’s children in life”.

The Rev. Frimpong charged men of God in Ghana to proclaim the truth to the flock and cautioned the so-called pastors who preach falsehood for monetary gains to desist from that practice before God visits his wrath upon them.

In this regard,he entreated Christians to yearn for the spirit of discernment in order not to be led astray by false prophets.

The Rev. Frimpong expressed wary about witchcraft and other malevolent forces which have taken center stage in the house of God to usurp the blessings bestowed on Christians.

“Whatever the devil had planned against true believers has expired and will never materialize”,the man of God assured the congregation.

Rev.Frimpong therefore asked Christians to pray fervently and walk blamelessly before God in a bid to tap his manifold blessings.

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