My Dad defiled Me As He Couldn’t Afford A Prostitute, Daughter


A woman has alleged her dad of defiling her because he “couldn’t afford a prostitute”. She spoke about her ordeal to encourage other victims in order to prosecute their abusers. Sylvia Prescott, from Sunderland, was reportedly tormented by her own dad, Oliver Garside while she was a teenager but kept the abuse secret for nearly 30 years. The DailyMail has more:

The now 47-year-old couldn’t bring herself to go to the police while her grandmother was still alive for fear that the details of the case would upset her.But when she died in 2012 Sylvia knew it was time to stand up to her bullying father, 68.

Since Garside, was jailed for eight years in May last year Sylvia feels like a weight has been lifted and wishes she had gone to the police sooner.

Sylvia said: “I was terrified that I wouldn’t be believed. The abuse happened such a long time ago and it took all the strength I had to go to the police, but in the end I’m so glad I did.

“The prosecution were able to build a strong case against my dad and he pleaded guilty to the abuse meaning I didn’t have to go through the trauma of a trial.

“It was during the sentencing that the judge said my dad’s excuse for the abuse was that he couldn’t afford a prostitute. I was sickened.

“What kind of defence was that?

“However, I finally feel free to live my life without him hovering over me and I should have done it sooner.