Movie Roles: If you are not Fair or handsome forget it – Bismark the Joke

Entertainment of Wednesday, 14 January 2015



Actor cum Set designer Bismark the Joke was on e.TV’s The Late Nite Celebrity Show talking about his big win at the recent Ghana Movie Awards and his new found fame.

The actor reminiscing on his beginnings revealed:

“I was doing acting before I went into set designing and with the acting if you are not fair like Majid or Tall and handsome like John Dumelo, they [Producers] don’t give you chance.

“One day I went for an audition wearing this T-Shirt designed by one guy called Scare Crow but when this stage actor called Richard asked about the design of the shirt, I lied that I designed it and so he suggested I suggested I looked into set designing if I was that good in designing.

“So he introduced me to Prince Kojo Hilton, and I started meeting big boys like Majid and Dumelo and since I had the acting in me and so I started as the gateman and here we are.

“I have shot two movies in the UK under Abbeam Production and it’s coming. Someone was supposed to do a role in For Better for War in 2011, and I did Single Six and here we are now.”

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