Jonathan, Obasanjo Feud Continues Despite Peace Meeting


A meeting between former President Olusegun Obasanjo and President Goodluck Jonathan and former President, which many hoped would end the frosty relationship between them did not end as expected, indications have emerged.

President Jonathan and other top leaders of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) were said to have requested for the meeting, but were disappointed by the outcome of the meeting, which reportedly had two clergy men; Pastor E.A. Adeboye and Bishop David Oyedepo, who Obasanjo was said to have deliberately craved their attendance as witnesses. He wanted them to see that it was Jonathan who actually caused the rift between them by reneging on decisions they jointly reached.

The source also told Vanguard that Obasanjo was irked by last Sunday’s statement in which Jonathan referred to some elder statesmen as behaving like ‘motor park touts’. He was said to have opened up to all present at the meeting that he had invited Jonathan to ask him whether he had been honest with him and those he had assured he would run for a single term, if they supported him to win the last election.

“…the truth of the matter is that Baba has not shifted grounds on any issue since he feels that Jonathan has not been fair to him by not adhering to any of the previous agreements reached with him,” the source told Vanguard.

“What really irked Baba is the reference by Jonathan to some Nigerian elder statesmen as behaving as ‘motor park touts’ a day before begging him to grant him audience in Abeokuta.

“The man really feels insulted by such unfortunate outburst from the president of a country.

“There was no need to enter into any peace deal with Jonathan because similar deals done in the past only resulted in more attacks by him and his aides on Baba only for them to come begging for forgiveness once it is close to election.”

The meeting was said to have lasted about three hours.