Beige Capital Is A Safer Option To Invest Your Funds

Beige Capital CEO, Mr. Michael Nyinaku

Beige Capital CEO, Mr. Michael Nyinaku

The Chief Executive Officer of Beige Capital, Mr. Michael Nyinaku has assured entrepreneurs and individuals interested in doing business with the savings and loans sector to consider Beige Capital as safe option to invest funds.

“We are well placed as a safe option for you to consider when looking for a place to invest your funds”, he said.

He revealed in an interview that, the company currently has a stated capital of GHC 90 million which is in excess of the minimum capital requirements for Savings and Loans companies in Ghana.

He said, BEIGE capital is committed to helping business and individuals achieve incremental growth and profitability though building a lasting relationships.

“If you are not getting your needs met elsewhere, come to BEIGE Capital where we have put in place systems and structures which will allow you grow your businesses” he added.

Beige Capital is currently the leading Savings and Loans Company controlling 30% of the entire industry’s assets and liabilities and has branches in over 50 different locations across the country.

Incorporated in Ghana, BEIGE Capital is a subsidiary of the BEIGE Group, an investment firm with interests in Banking and Finance, Real Estate, Logistics, Tourism and Hospitality.

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