War of words rages between IMANI and Fifi Kwetey

There is a raging war of words between leaders of think-tank, IMANI Centre for Policy and Education Ghana and Agric Minister, Fifi Kwetey.

The president and founder of IMANI-Ghana, Franklin Cudjoe, wrote on his Facebook wall on January 10, 2015, “The Minister for Agriculture says all the learned men in OccupyGhana are ‘hypocrites’. Without suggesting that he is quite clearly describing himself, I wonder how he would have earned his position had it not been for this line of thinking. It is institutionalized it would seem. If I were him, I will be preparing my defense statements against a possible OccupyGhana legal notice/challenge to the financial mess his ministry has caused all taxpayers as a result of fraudulent deals with fertilizer subsidies and the fraud ongoing in the cocoa sector. But there is more. On policy direction and vision in the wake of the EPAs, a serious-minded minister of agriculture would be minded about how to ensure Ghanaian agribusiness take advantage of the coming challenges. But he has returned to his first love, vacuous propaganda which got him his job and is executing to perfection whilst making members of OccupyGhana popular as clearly there is impact!”

Probably angered by the post, Mr. Fifi Kwetey, who is also the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament (MP) for Ketu South, and a former Propaganda Secretary of the party, hit back.

“While Franklin Cudjoe struggled with 3 years to be able to pass his Economics, I used only a year to get all “A” in my A-level subjects in Achimota School,” NDC social media activist, Dela Coffie, quoted him as saying.

“Why attack somebody’s academic competence when you know too well that you’re pathetically deficient in that regards?” Dela Coffie himself asked.

Mr. Cudjoe returned with another post addressed to host of Radio Gold’s Alhaji & Alhaji show, Alhassan Suhuyini.

He told Mr. Suhuyini, “Send this to Dela Coffie and Fifi Kwetey. And I didn’t write A Level Economics 3 times! I wrote Economics twice in 5 months and from a surprising grade E to grade B! My final grades for A-Level was AABB and I read Land Economy with it! By the way, what is it with these fights over secondary school grades and why would a minister of Agric employed by my taxes sit on radio to ask about the grades of an independent tax payer”?

It didn’t end there.
Franklin Cudjoe’s Vice at IMANI, Mr. Kofi Bentil, came with even more vengeance.

He said, “You finish 6th form (‘A’ Level), in Togo and come to Ghana to assume a nationality. Come to Bishop Herman and drop down to write O level when you were 5 years older than the oldest student in the class. You make a poor 2nd Lower in Psychology and Economics because you could not make it to the Law Faculty.

“You lick boots all the way up, and try to do some top-up degree, which you are struggling with…

“And you have the effrontery to lie, that the young man who has built an award-winning think-tank, wrote ‘A’ Level many times.

“For your information, He did Land Economy at KNUST, one of the most competitive courses and passed well.

“He is very accomplished, indeed he is my boss and I am happy to submit to him, because he is one of the smartest, humblest and most accomplished young men I have come across.

“And trust me I have seen many many very bright young men, he tops them all, indeed he was selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.”

“Don’t be silly,” he concluded.

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