Toyin Aimakhu Reveals How Her Husband Stopped Her From Using BBM


In an era where women make more money than their husbands or at least are more recognized socially than their male partners, this is good news.

In a recent interview with Doyin Adeoye, Toyin Aimakhu talked about her marriage life and why she’s submissive to her husband and how her husband stopped her from pinging.

When asked why she’s so submissive to her husband to the extent he changed her lifestyle for good, Toyin said: –

“That is why he is my husband. And those that say things about me are those that don’t know me. He is my small god; I have to listen to him because I want to have a happy home. All my older siblings are happily married; everybody in my family is happily married. My eldest sibling is like 50 years old and is still happily married, so mine can’t be a different story.

My parents are still happily married; my father is 74 years old, my mother is 72, so who will I turn to with a broken home? I am submissive to him, because he is my husband. So if he is doing his responsibility, then I have to do mine too as a wife. A lot of people don’t know what a hubby and wife relationship means and that is why we have a lot of broken homes.

I am off BBM because he doesn’t like it and I am fine with it. Moreover, that is the only thing many people know, there are lot of things I had to give up because he doesn’t like it.”