Sammy Kuffuor hires thugs to harass shop owner

General News of Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Sammy Kuffuor Former Player

Former Black Stars player Samuel Osei Kuffuor is being investigated by the Police in Legon for allegedly leading thugs to lock up a baby shopping outlet.

A worker at the De Joy Enterprise located at East Legon, Innocent Agbenya also alleged that the former Bayern Munich star twisted his arm, and seized his phone.

According to Innocent, the former footballer spotted him from his car taking videos of the macho men who had taken over the shop with his mobile phone. Osei Kuffuor then rushed on him, held him by the hand and wrestled the phone from him, injuring him in the process.

Osei Kuffuor then proceeded to delete the recorded videos before handing it back to Innocent at the Legon Police Station.

Innocent who sought medical attention after filing a case of assault against Sammy Kuffuor told Joy News “he nearly broke my hand. I feel pains in the hand right now”.

Joy News’ Joseph Opoku Gakpo who has been following the story reports that Osei Kuffuor reportedly stormed the shop at 12pm yesterday claiming he paid 30,000 dollars to the landlord for it. The landlord has since disappeared without honouring his side of the bargain.

According to Joyce Owusu who is the shop owner, the former footballer was “rude” to her and those at her shop, stating “he harassed my customers, he harassed my staff”.

Osei Kuffuor and his seven heavily built men forcibly locked the woman and her staff inside the shop with a “huge chain and padlock” for two hours.

Madam Joy Owusu said one of the staff reported the incident to the police who came in to unlock them.

Some years ago, Osei Kuffuor came to the shop to demand its closure, she said. According to the police, Joy Owusu was traumatized to the extent that they could not take her statement today.

Meanwhile, Osei Kuffuor was at the Legon Police station Monday afternoon to explain his actions but would not speak to the media.