‘My scars no longer upset me’ – UK model recalls horrific acid attack

Model and former UK beauty queen Katie Piper is proud to have survived a vicious acid attack  that left her disfigured in 2008, the Daily Mail has reported.

Taking to social media site Instagram, the former Miss Winchester winner looked to inspire an army of followers after he shared her survival story and reconstructed face.

‘When I look in the mirror, my scars no longer upset me. They just remind me I am stronger than the person who tried to hurt me.

A martial arts enthusiast Lynch hired a man to pour acid on Katie Piper after 14 days after they met on Facebook and started dating.

Lynch had raped, beaten her and stabbed her in a hotel two days before the follow-up with the acid attack incident

‘In the aftermath, I was horrified by my own reflection, barely recognising the image of myself in the mirror. I would play back memories of all the relationships I’d ever had, trying to ingrain in my mind what it felt like to hold hands, to kiss.

‘I was sure I’d never be attractive to anyone again, never be intimate. Never be loved’, she reflected on her 2008 ordeal when she was  24 years old.

Now 31-years, Katie presents a TV program Bodyshockers on Channel 4, which allows her help peole who have suffered with disfigurements.

‘We all have scars whether they are on the skin or the soul. Remember only those who survive wear scars.

‘Next time you look in the mirror repeat to yourself I’m proud to be a survivor.’ 

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