Muyiwa Ademola Reveals How A Female Fan Made Him Autograph Her Boobies


The love and admiration some of these Nigerian celebrities get, sometimes you begin to wonder if you’d do something that crazy if you met your own adored celeb.

Popular Yoruba actor, Muyiwa Ademola revealed on Saturday to beats in a recent interview on how a female fan in Ireland made him sign an autograph on her boobiess.

Muyiwa said: –

“The first time I went to Ireland, a lady saw me and raised her shirt asking me to sign my autograph on her I was really embarrassed. She was a Nigerian probably based in Ireland and when she saw me, she shouted my name and told me I must sign on her bo.obs. When a white man saw her and asked who I was, she said I was a big movie star from Africa, comparing me with Denzel Washington. I had to sign on her bre.ast because she told me that if I did not do so, she would not put down her shirt and it was very cold. I inscribed my signature on her bre.ast while trying not to touch it,”

Speaking further Muyiwa said “When it comes to my female fans, I tread carefully. I make sure that I do not allow the handshakes to go beyond the elbow. If you study the industry properly, it is the opposite s*x that appreciates a person’s work the most. I have been coping fine with them.”