Kwabena Agyepong Jabs Mahama

Kwabena Agyepong
The General Secretary of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwabena Agyepong, has broken his long silence, expressing extreme disappointment in the Mahama-led NDC administration.

Aside the several corruption scandals that have rocked the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), he said they have also refused to give a proper account of the true state of the Ghanaian economy to the people.

Speaking on Adom TV, Mr Agyepong however said ‘we (the NPP) shall hold their feet to the fire and make sure Ghanaians are aware of how the country’s resources are being used.’

That, he said, would ensure true transparency and accountability in the financial management of the country.

He was accessing the performance of the NDC administration which took over the reins of power in 2009.

According to him, the European Union (EU) has withheld its support to Ghana as a result of the corruption and dubious nature of the current government’s payroll system.

He was therefore convinced that President Mahama and his NDC administration have not shown clarity and consistency in the finances of the country.

Mr Agyepong further claimed the Mahama administration ‘has been a government of failed promises,’ accusing them of ‘only interested in elections instead of the management of the economy.’

He stated that the NDC only believes in public deceit and propaganda just to win elections.

‘In 2009, President John Mahama led a team to South Korea to negotiate with STX Korea to build 200,000 units of houses for the security agencies and other public sector workers. However, till date not a single house can be shown for that. This notwithstanding, the country had to pay for insurance and commitment fee for the loan it negotiated for the STX housing project,’ the NPP chief scribe said.

Statutory Payments
He could not fathom why ‘government has refused to make statutory payments to the healthcare authorities.

Other statutory payments such as the district assembly common funds, GETFUND etc are all in arrears even though citizens continue to pay their taxes.’ He bemoaned the fact that all the pro-poor policies, including the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) and the Free Maternal Healthcare, which were introduced by the erstwhile Kufuor-led NPP administration are on the verge of collapse.

The NPP General Secretary was also saddened by the fact that ‘during the festive season, about 27 women were held at the maternity ward of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and La Polyclinic for three weeks for non-payment of bills’ and that ‘a private company had to come to their rescue by paying their bills to ensure their release.’

‘We expected that the NHIS and Free Maternal Healthcare which began under the NPP administration would have been strengthened six years into the NDC administration. However, the reverse seems to be the case,’ he said, wondering why ‘without money, people cannot access free and quality medical care.’

According to him, the government lied about the onetime health insurance premium promise they made to Ghanaians and that no country in the world has been able to implement such an insurance policy.

On the issue of corruption, Mr Agyepong said ‘it is not possible for government to use $29 million for the resurfacing of the runway.

As an Engineer, he said, ‘I have done civil works at the airport and I know what goes into it. The NPP is going to write and request for the details of the project. Ghanaians demand value for money and not to be short-changed.’

He also spoke about the oil revenue, accusing government of refusing to be transparent with the actual revenues being generated from the oil exploration.

Mr Kwabena Agyepong has therefore urged the President to sit up and work for the betterment of Ghanaians and also stop the wastage of public funds within the system.

He was, however, confident that the NPP would win the 2016 general elections and form the next government.

BY Charles Takyi- Boadu

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