Let’s Get Married This Year Or Else….

Ghanaian actress, Ella Mensah, has given herself a December 2015 deadline to get married or forget about marriage altogether.

The actress told Showbiz in an interview on Monday that she has been single for a long while and believes this year is her time.

Ella, who is based in Nigeria, has therefore given her partner, Michael Osas, a 30 year- old Nigerian business man an ultimatum to get marriage plans going before the year ends.

According to Ella, despite the fact that her friends see her as a crazy girl, she can be a good wife to the man she truly loves.

Asked what has prevented her from getting married, the 28 year-old explained that it is her career which has been a major challenge. She explained that, once she is married, she knows there are certain movie roles she cannot play.

“I know marriage comes with a lot of restrictions. For instance, I cannot kiss or play a romantic role with a colleague actor when I am married. More so, I need to spend more time with my husband because he will now become my number one priority.

“I didn’t consider marriage as is an important institution but I do now and it either I do it this year or forever remain single,” she said.

Ella’s dream man, Michael Osas, had a different story when Showbiz contacted him. He said that it was rather Ella who had been delaying him. According to him, she is always coming up with excuses whenever he discussed marriage plans with her.

“She sometimes tells me she is ready and when I get serious, then she comes up with another excuse. If she is sure of getting married to me by the end of the year, then it is good news” he said.

Micheal stated that, he is not sure he can wait any longer after five years of dating Ella. “If she refuses to get married to me this year, then I will move on with my life. I really don’t know want my fiancée wants in life before she settles down”

Ella Mensah is currently working on two new movies after featuring in movies like Playboy, Pretty Queen, Her Excellency, Bed of Roses, Deadline and Shakira, Born Killers, Treat Her Like a Lady, My Private Part, Royal Beauty, Crazy Chicks, In a Woman’s World, Malaysia Babe’s and Educated Housemaids.