David Oscar ‘steals’ Ahuofe Patri from Kalybos?

Entertainment of Monday, 12 January 2015

Source: Emmanuel Oscar Ugoh

Ahuofe Oscar

Ghanaian Actor and Comedian David Oscar may be one of the most controversial entertainers in the nation.

From his beef with event house Charter House, to blasting the President, the comic crusader has always found a way to stay in the news, making his relevance invincible.

The comedian who once admitted that he was hooked in a relationship, disclosed that he has had a longing for “Boys Kasa” actress Ahuofe Patricia at the Ghana Tertiary Awards, which was held over the weekend at the Plush La Palm Royal Beach Hotel.

David Oscar who was a guest at the event and the chairman of the Academy that oversaw the nominations was seen very tensed throughout the event, tossing a little bronze box up and down; David seemed somewhat aggressive, (Unusual of his nature) shunning anyone that tried to interact with him.

The show went on for a while and another eyewitness recalls seeing Kalybos uncomfortable, later choosing to leave the venue for fresh air, as he probably couldn’t stand the presence of fellow comrade David Oscar. An unconfirmed source even attested that the factions of both parties had a disagreement whiles Kalybos exited the venue.

As a journalist, I tried to pick people’s thoughts, to find out the source of the bad blood between two of Ghana’s funny men, but no concrete reason was given. Some hinted that Kalybos’ anger may be because his date for the night, Ahuofe Patri had abandoned his company to be in the waiting arms of David Oscar. All I could do was to observe and wait for the next big scoop and my expectations were not dashed!

As I hang around the backstage area, I overheard whispers. It was time for David Oscar to present the award for Overall Most Influential Student and I heard him whisper to his publicist, he said something that sounded a bit like “Wish me luck, I’m going to do it; I’m going to do something big” his confused publicist simply gave him a pat on the shoulder with a look of empathy.

Typical of any Awards show, David Oscar got on stage, announced the nominees and opened the result card in a suspense-filled motion and announced that the winner was Ahuofe Patri. My heart quickened its pace as I anticipated the so-called big move.

As Ahuofe Patri came on stage to pick her award from David Oscar, the humorist got on one knee, and asked Ahoufe Patri, what it would cost him to marry her, “a ring” she replied. The comedian reached into his pocket and picked a ring (I can’t describe it because I was far in the back of the auditorium) and asked the magical question. Everyone sprang in excitement as Ahuofe Patri whispered in David Oscar’s left ear, the humorist stepped back and smiled, then pulled out the keys to a car and presented it to his bald Cinderella.

What I’m tirelessly trying to find out is whether the incident was an act or not.