AC Milan fans start campaign to get Ghana star Sulley Muntari out for disgracing club’s shirt

AC Milan fans have launched a campaign to get Ghana midfielder Sulley Muntari out of the Italian club after his shirt throwing tantrum following his substitution over the weekend.

A Twitter hashtag ‘#MuntariOut’ has been started to force officials of the Serie A to ship out of Ghana international after throwing the club’s jersey in anger over his substitution.

The campaign is gaining ground particularly in the Arab world where Muntari derives most of his loyal fan base which means the anger over his actions are deep.

Muntari let his bad temper take control after he was substituted in the 55th minute during the Serie A match between Torino and AC Milan.

The 30-year-old reacted violently to coach Filippo Inzaghi decision to substitute him after he received a yellow card when his team are already down to ten men.

Muntari started throwing items furiously to the floor, showing his anger and disgust at being substituted. An act that will certainly put his future with the Rossoneri in question.

Below are some of the reactions from the fans on the ‘#Muntariout’ campaign

@acmilan @MuntariOfficial @MuntariOfficial #MuntariOUT We don’t want muntari in Ac Milan You understand? Go out

— A7MED # (@ahmeeed202011) January 12, 2015
@acmilan #MuntariOUT he must get sacked about his attitude, he threw the kit if AC Milan, we need to throw him out of the club. #ACMilan

— 3aßóòD (@abz_n7) January 12, 2015
@acmilan #MuntariOut #MuntariOut #MuntariOut #MuntariOut #MuntariOut #MuntariOut #MuntariOut #MuntariOut FOR A BETTER FUTURE!

— Nicky Aljohan Geruh (@nyx_Nicky) January 12, 2015

Shame on you #MuntariOUT
— AbdulMajeed (@AsadMilan) January 11, 2015
disrespectful, you don’t deserve to be in milan , #MuntariOUT @acmilan @Milanello @Gazzetta_it

— #InzaghiOut (@nonalezaa) January 11, 2015
Milan gave Muntari a raise, and they don’t want to meet De Jong’s terms. Absolute madness. #MuntariOUT -AL

— AC Milan Club NYC (@ACMilanNYC) January 10, 2015
“ @abdulmohsen1a : @TheBossSaud @da7om_calcio @MuntariOfficial @acmilan @ACZayed ridiculous reaction” #MuntariOUT

— Saud (@TheBossSaud) January 11, 2015
“ @Mazroa : . @MuntariOfficial @acmilan so.. as you are the weakest link! PLEASE LEAVE!!” #MuntariOUT

— Saud (@TheBossSaud) January 11, 2015
@MuntariOfficial Shame on you, You don’t deserve this shirt. #MuntariOut

— A (@DonnieBrasco7) January 11, 2015
This is just what you have @MuntariOfficial #MuntariOUT

— FaisaL (@fisl899) January 11, 2015
NO respect #Muntariout #ForzaMilan cc: @amie_rasyid @MilanistiOrId @acmilan

— M. Fuad Hassani (@vuarthassani) January 11, 2015
#MuntariOUT what is this crap!? To say he was angry for the sub gets more retweets, likes, comments etc. He shows heart #MuntariGUTS ????

— Mike the Liar (@imikemilano) January 11, 2015
#MuntariOUT please ! @acmilan #TorinoMilan
— Stas Maletski (@ahigever) January 11, 2015
Can we say #MuntariOut right now? Unrespect and very bad behaviour

— SiTukangRoti (@DonyFarabian) January 10, 2015
Keheeed maneh mun #MuntariOut “ @ACMilanNYC : Hey @MuntariOfficial , you’re a disgrace to Milan. ”

— egy ginanjar (@Egynanjar) January 10, 2015
What a Disgrace Muntari !! #MuntariOUT

— Mazen Al Hajj Hassan (@Mazen_HHH) January 10, 2015

and @MuntariOfficial will try to injure Poli in next training to get more time to play, as he did to Van Ginkel. Shame on You. #MuntariOut

— Sendi Bujana (@sendibujana) January 10, 2015
maybe muntari thinks that he’s matic and that’s why he was angry when he was replaced #MuntariOut

— Ahmed Omran (@AhmedAlsayed90) January 10, 2015
#MuntariOut RT @my_fahmi : Sawangane ngunu din RT @abidinnugraha : Si mumun mesti on fire kalo main lawan juve , msh sakit hati ya gara2 go

— A.K.N (@abidinnugraha) October 6, 2013
?? ??! #Alegriout #Muntariout
— ?????? ???? ?????? (@JakovFendu) September 22, 2013

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