Primary Four Pupils Suspended For Plotting To Kill Teacher With Hand Sanitizer


Three fourth-grade girls in Elba, New York, are accused and consequently suspended of conspiring to kill their teacher with hand sanitizer. The Huffington Post reports:

The Elba Elementary School students had learned that their teacher was severely allergic to hand sanitizer, and they allegedly planned to put sanitizer on items they knew the teacher would touch, according to WKBW. Deputies say the students involved told other kids at school they were going to “kill” their teacher in this way.

When youth officers interviewed the girls, one of them said the teacher “yells at us” and “the class has problems with her,” according to WGRZ.

The students never actually went through with the plan, the Daily News Online reports. The alleged plot was uncovered in mid-December, and Genesee County Sheriff’s stated this week that the case has been closed after authorities determined no crime had been committed.

The students are not facing any charges, though two of them were suspended.

The Elba School District released a statement Thursday saying the event has been a “shock to the community, and noted they “cannot comment on the specifics of this event” due to privacy laws. However, they did clarify that no one was injured or actually placed in harm’s way.” The release also says that “the reports in the media and on social media so not accurately reflect the entire event,” though it does not elaborate on how.