Meet The Teen Who Interviewed Her Way Into The Guinness Book Of World Records


Seventeen-year-old celebrity journalist, Pavlina Osta is a marathoner, but not on the field. Pavlina’s someone who could be regarded as a interview marathoner and last November, she entered the Guinness Book of World Records for giving the most interviews ever in a 24-hour period. The Huffington Post has more:

Pavlina, who is also a blogger here at HuffPost Teen, joined the Guinness ranks after she interviewed 347 people, according to HelloGiggles. Pavlina asked each interview subject five questions, which based on our calculations, makes for 1,735 questions. She also didn’t repeat a single one. In a statement to press, Pavlina said, “It was an amazing 24 hours of adrenaline and I was determined to make it happen, and so excited that I did it.”

For Pavlina, the achievement wasn’t just about her. She added:

This was a world wide statement for women in media, particularly women in radio — we are out here throughout the airwaves making things happen! There’s a new generation of women in media and I’m very proud to be part of it!

In addition to setting world records like it ain’t no thang, Pavlina also published a book on Kindle last November called “Talk to Me: The Road Trips of a Teenage Celebrity Radio Host.” To keep up with the charmed life of the world’s most inquisitive teen, check out her YouTube channel, Pavlina’s Music.