Mahama rallies Abudus and Andanis for peace

President John Mahama has called on the Abudus and Andanis to work together to restore the dignity of the Dagbon Kingdom.

He said the Dagbon chieftaincy dispute is hampering development in the area.

Addressing the people of Dagbon at the Gbewa palace in Yendi in the Northern Region to mark this year’s Damba festival, Joy FM’s Hashmin Mohammed reported President John Mahama as saying it is time for the factions to stand for peace.

“Dagbon has suddenly experienced some unpleasant and undesirable events that have unfortunately tainted this rich tradition and heritage.

“These unfortunate incidents have tainted not only Dagbon but all persons of Northern heritage.

“We are viewed as conflict loving, as being warlike and lacking in understanding. We know that the overwhelming majority of are peace of Dagbon and the North cherish peace and so this perception of us is wrong.

This is a time for looking forward and not for looking backwards” he charged, adding, “let us look at the compromises that will bring us peace.”

Dagbon has been a den of chaos following protracted ethnic violence between the Abudu and Adani families in the Northen Region.

The violence has led to the loss of property and human lives.

The president hoped the two factions would use the significance of the festival to allow peace to prevail in their communities.

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