Interior Minister wants inter-ethnic peace committee formed in Nkonya

Interior Minister Mark Woyongo is asking feuding factions in the Nkonya-Alavanyo conflict to resort to dialogue instead of the barrel of the gun when settling their differences.

The two communities have been involved in a series of bloody clashes over a parcel of land.

The clashes have led to the death of several people as well as the destructions of properties.

At least one person was killed in the latest clash last December.

Vice President Kwesi Amissah Arthur last week warned that government would no longer tolerate violence in the area.

The Interior Minister, Mark Woyongo is scheduled to tour the two towns next week as part of government’s efforts to bring lasting peace to the troubled area.

Woyongo is also asking opinion leaders there to form an inter-ethnic peace committee to dialogue.

“The two parties should get a team meeting and talking and trying to find the way forward like we have in Bawku.

“A similar thing should be arranged if it does not exist already in Alvanyo and Nkonya.

“Once they start talking the tension will die down.

“As I go through that place next I will be meeting the opinion leaders and chiefs so that we see how we can get that thing sorted out so that there won’t be mayhem and unnecessary killing and tension in the area,” Woyongo said.

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