Bismark the Joke Fumes: My Ghana Movie Awards Statuette Looks Very Old

Movies of Sunday, 11 January 2015



Ghana Movie Award winner Bismark the Joke was on Y107.9 FM to talk his comedy career and getting recognition for his talent.

The happy but worried funny man revealed his statuette given to him by the awards organizers looked old and scratched all over.

He revealed: “We have come a long way and to get recognized feels good. What really hurt me now is that the plaque they gave me was an old one when they had many new ones. I just received the award. The statuette was scratched, and I want to believe it was one of the statuettes from the previous year. And they inscribed my name on it.

“How can you give me an old award? So I called Fred, and he said it was a mistake and that he will sort it out.

“I didn’t get a call to go to the Spa. I didn’t even a get a flash. So all the prizes that came with winning the award too went to waste. Before I knew they had gone to the Spa, it was the instagram posts that prompted me.

“So I called my friend Kalybos and he said he couldn’t call me because he was also in a rush and under pressure to go. If I didn’t go to the spa why should I not get a new statuette? If you see it, it looks like something from ten years ago.”