7 Secrets Men Should Know About Their Wives

9-solid-relationshipWomen always want to know
what men really think about their wives or just women in general. We
want to know all of your secrets, thoughts and feelings. So I think it’s
only fair to share some of our secrets with you (men), so you know what
we think and how we feel. After a great conversation with a few other
wives, we agreed on the following:

1. We look at other men, just like ya’ll look at other women. Just
because we look doesn’t mean we are interested. We just like what we

2. We dress to impress you. We like compliments and no, you can never
give us too many.

3. We like for you to be a gentleman no matter how independent we tell
you we are. Opening doors never goes out of style.

4. We like s*x. Enough said.

5. We are not always honest about our feelings, because we feel like you
may not fully understand.
Sometimes, we don’t know how to express to you how we feel or why we
feel the way we do. Yes, we need to do better.

6. We love to feel like we are the only woman in the world for you. We
know you had other women before us, but we like to know that you are so
glad you married us.

7. We are stronger than you think, so don’t be afraid to come to us with
anything. We are your help meet, let us help. No problem is too big for
us to handle together.
There are more things I could share, but I just wanted to give you a few
things you guys may not know. Some or maybe none of the above are some
things that apply to all wives, but they apply to me.