5 Simple Ways To Be An Awesome Sport Loving Wife

Why-You-Shouldnt-Envy-Other-Couples-635x400None of this list applies if you’re already into football. He scored. He knows it. Have a great life together and raise awesome kids. For all the other struggle football wives:

5. Wear his team’s jersey
The odds are that his team won’t make it to the big day, but he’ll still be sporting his favorite colors. Show solidarity by rocking the same team spirit. It’s the only day of the year he will intentionally want to coordinate outfits with you.

4. Make a special dish
Anyone can buy chips and dip. Anyone can also order a gang of lemon pepper wings. Instead, break out that old family spinach and artichoke dip recipe, or if you don’t have one, Pinterest up what’s hot in the streets and show off the extra effort you put in for his special day. It’s food – he’ll notice.

2. Be cool with his friends for the day
Sure, we all know your husband’s one friend is King Jerk. You still haven’t figured out how to cut Mr. Jerk from your social circle; and if he asks you one more time about your single friends, you’re going to set him up on a date with the most interesting Tinder profile you can find. BUT on this day, since King J is going to come by anyway, and your husband has already given his friend the “Just Don’t Upset My Wife Today” speech, suffer through his presence with a smile. You don’t have to be fake to be polite. Everyone’s a winner, and you can plot against King Jerk next week.

1. Watch the Game with him
Just be with him and be engaged because he’s into it. Sports can be a great bonding tool. Use the same argument with him, when you want to go see that new romantic comedy starring Channing Tatum. One good deed deserves another, right? But on a serious note, there’s nothing better than time spent together in joy, laughter, and willful companionship, no matter if it is the Superbowl or Golden Girl reruns. Just be with him, with your usual joyful spirit. It’s what made him love you in the first place.

source: bmwk