4 Killed As Two Female Suicide Bombers Strike Potiskum Market


Two female suicide bombers blew themselves up at the Kasuwar Jagwal mobile phone market in Potiskum on Sunday, killing four people.

“We evacuated six bodies including those of the two female suicide bombers to the hospital. Twenty-one people were injured in the attacks,” a security source involved in the rescue operation told AFP.

“One of the bombers looked 23 and the other 15. The first bomber — the 23 year-old — detonated her explosives just outside the entrance of the market, where volunteers were sweeping people going inside the market with metal detectors.

“The second bomber was terrified by the explosion and she tried to dash across the road but she also exploded.”

His report was corroborated by a nurse at the Potiskum General Hospital, who said six people were confirmed dead and 21 were injured.

The suicide bombers were believed to have stormed the market today when several people were there to buy goods. Sunday is Potiskum’s market day and attracts traders and shoppers from all over Yobe State and beyond.

The blasts came a day after a young girl believed to be 10-years-old killed 19 people in Maiduguri, Borno State.