Toyin Aimakhu Reveals Who Her Husband Is To Her

Toyin Aimakhu once again has said her husband is her small god. According to her, she tries to do everything he wants because she does not want her marriage to fail. All my elder siblings are married, my parents in their 70’s are still happily married, how will I explain to them if my marriage fails, she said. She also confirmed her husband banned her from using her blackberry phone and says, it’s just one of those many things she stopped because of him. Below is what she told Doyin Adeoye;

On her husband changing her lifestyle, stopping her from using  blackberry phones, among other things. Is she this submissive?

That is why he is my husband. And those that say things about me are those that don’t know me. He is my small god; I have to listen to him because I want to have a happy home. All my older siblings are happily married; everybody in my family is happily married. My eldest sibling is like 50 years old and is still happily married, so mine can’t be a different story.

My parents are still happily married; my father is 74 years old, my mother is 72, so who will I turn to with a broken home? I am submissive to him, because he is my husband. So if he is doing his responsibility, then I have to do mine too as a wife. A lot of people don’t know what a hubby and wife relationship means and that is why we have a lot of broken homes.

I am off BBM because he doesn’t like it and I am fine with it. Moreover, that is the only thing many people know, there are lot of things I had to give up because he doesn’t like it.