Road Safety Cautions Drivers Against Children Sitting At The Front Of Cars

The Ashanti regional director of the National Road Safety Commission, Mr. Thomas Bismark Boakye has caution the public to desist from sitting children below 6 years in front of car seats.

He said, this will help save the lives of these children in a case of any unsuspected accidents happens on the road.

“In case of any accident, a child in the front seat he or she will be crash with the dash board and die, which is not good”. He stated.

Private drivers especially of days have cultivated a habit of putting their young kids on their lap’s whiles driving. This according to Mr. Bismark is against the law of the land and will not sit for this to continue in the New Year.

He said, the commission has laid measures to ensure road safety in the region and to protect drivers and passengers.

“From 31st March this year, we are going to enforce that all vehicles will get a seat belt, especially commercial cars that drove above 50 km”. He lamented.

Also, he said all commercial vehicles will be giving station indications and designation board in front of their front glass to easily help identify any vehicle that involve in accident in case of emergency.

“We are going to insist on drivers log books and make sure they buy them”. He stated.

He added that, any drivers who will be arrested this year will go through 6 hours training before release if he passes the training irrespective of their status.

“Most drivers do not know common road signs but call themselves drivers, common mandatory, warning and information signs they don’t know. This year, we will let them go to school if arrested”. He observed.

Mr. Boakye said this when briefing the press on crash statistics in the region since 2011 through 2014, last year.

Speaking at the conference he said, the accidents rate the region is reducing since crime is also declining.

He said, in 2011 total number of cases reported decrease from 2163 when he resumed office to 1791 in 2012. In this, persons killed below 18 years were 103 and above 18 years were also 350 in 2011, whiles in 2012 persons killed below 18 years decreased to 48 and above 18 was 258.

In 2013, 1,390 cases reported and reduced to 1,232 in 2014. In this, below 18 years 64 people died, and 216 died above 18 in 2013, whiles in 2014, 55 died below 18 and 195 above 18 years.

He total pedestrians knocked down also decreased from 471 in 2011 to 233 in 2014. Also, total number of persons injured reduces from 2534 to 1425 in 2011 2014 respectively.

Speaking at the briefing he said, journalist will giving training to equip them on how to report on road safety issues.

He urged Ghanaians to call the fire services instead of the police any time there is any road crash or accidents.

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