Mahama’s thick cloud of promises has failed to produce rain- Otiko Djaba

The Women’s  Organiser of the New Patriotic Party has indicted the Mahama administration accusing it of being heavy on promises and yet delivering little.

Otiko Afisa Djaba said promises are like the formation of clouds. When they gather it produces rain. But Mahama’s thick cloud of promises have refused to turn to rain.

She was assessing John Mahama’s two-year tenure on Joy FM’s news analysis program Newsfile, Saturday.

As part of an all women panel the NPP executive who described herself as a development practitioner said the Mahama administration has “fallen short of the glory of Ghana.”

Otiko Djaba is convinced Mahama as a “de-facto president” under the “sick” president John Mills has served seven years in power instead of two and has failed to get a handle on the power challenges, popularly christened as ‘dumsor’ facing Ghanaians.

The country has gone through perhaps the longest dumsor debacle over the last five years with its deleterious effects on the economy.

“When you chop all the money you cannot solve our dumor problem,” Otiko charged adding the monies meant to buy crude oil and gas has not been dissipated because of the ineptitude of the government.

‘White Elephant’
Otiko Djaba is at a loss why government will sink several millions of dollars into the Circle road project, when the Nsawam road which links seven regions is in a deplorable condition.

Describing the Circle project as a “misplaced priority” and a white elephant the NPP Women’s Organiser said the realisation of dreams should not be a be a mere rhetoric.

On the upgrading of the Kumasi Airport Otiko Djaba was scandalised that a whopping $27 million said to have expended on the project.

She did not understand why such an amount of money would be invested on such a project when lesser amounts have been used to construct international airports in other countries.

She called for an inquiry into that project.
In a rebuttal however a member of the NDC Abigail Akwambia Mensah said the president has performed creditably well in his two year tenure.

According to her, the NPP is trying hard to compare Mahama’s two year tenure to the eight years served by ex-president John Kufuor.

Having toured many parts of the country, Abigal Mensah said she has seen quite a number of projects littered across the country and must be given credit.

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